Avant-Premiere : New quarter turn fixing for CMM220

A new quarter-turn fixing has been added to the standard options for the CMM220 series connectors and will be available starting end of july 2015.

It's a fast mate solution developed for harsh environment applications needing regular mating and unmating (such as instrumentation & test equipment), and for ease of installation.

If you need to easily operate a piece of equipment in the field and disconnect fast, then this could be right solution for you.

The product is qualified according to MIL-DTL-55302-F and is reliable under vibration at 15g, 100g shock, from -55°C to +260°C for up to 500 mating cycles.

Compared to the usual CMM connectors equipped with other standard fixing hardware, it saves assembly time, can be operated without a special tool and still provides the security of interconnection expected in MIL-AERO.

There are many advantages in using this new feature in cable to board or cable to cable applications. It is a least twice as fast to assemble male to female, it is secure once you lock (and you can lock by hand or by using a hex tool), and easy to disengage. It is a captive fixing, so cannot be lost.

The operation is easy : first you push the male and female connectors together, then you press the fixing head down and rotate it 90° clockwise to secure and lock.

There is a positive click feeling when the lock is engaged, and the fixing will no longer  move freely giving a clear indication that the connectors are locked correctly. 

The spring has been studied to pass the MIL testing procedures including high vibration and is well balanced, not too soft or too hard to be  easily manipulated by hand.

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