Cable Assemblies: RJ45 Connectors with FFC

Nicomatic provides unique solutions using standard Flat Flexible Cables and RJ45 Connectors. These assemblies are perfect for difficult installations where space is tight and a positive locking RJ45 fulfills the need for a quick off the shelf insertion/extraction.
Our FFC Cable Assemblies are made from standard 1mm pitch laminated cable with exposed conductors and stiffener. The RJ45 connectors are applied with standard punch down tooling but care is done to introduce strain relief into the assembly making it more robust.

RJ-45 is typically available in 6 or 8 position, but assemblies can be made to any length. Cables can be assembled with latches on the same side or reversed. The RJ-45 connector is commonly used for network cabling and telephony applications, but FFC is not typically used in communication type environments so applications should be aimed as a standard jumper type. 

Look to Nicomatic for value added assembly for all your FFC needs.

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