High Force Metal Domes

NICOMATIC offers high force metal domes in all of its 4-legged product series of the SWITCH’AIR™ range.

The market need for higher forces has grown up in recent years for increased tactile feel for man/machine interface designs:

•    Need for more accurate tactile feed-back (validation of action, double effect, safety STOP)

•    Keypads, control panels with metal touches for security (cash machines…)

•    Handling in harsh environment & conditions (gloves required…)

The new expanded product portfolio comprises 6, 8.4, 10 and 12.2mm diameter 4-legged metal domes. The high activation forces are all in conformance with Nicomatic Quality Standards up to 5 million actuations. This is a true advantage compared to the existing metal domes that usually do not maintain a level of quality inside a given tolerance over time.

Dome diameter    Trip force    Dimple    No dimple    Life-time       
8.4mm                   340g          x              x              up to 5M cycles       
8.4mm                   400g          x              x              up to 5M cycles       
10mm                    400g          x              x              up to 5M cycles       
12.2mm                 420g          x              x              up to 5M cycles    

NICOMATIC domes are known for their best tactile feel (ratio > 40%), a long life time > 5 million, are supplied in bulk, in tubes (800 units), in tape & reel or on custom-made arrays. As all Nicomatic 4-legged domes, the new high trip force domes feature the Switch’Air™ notch that creates a cushion of air between the domes.
Thanks to the SWITCH’AIR™ notch (at the basis of the product design), there is no need for double-sided or multilayer PCBs, the dome do not stick together and can thus be placed in tubes for high-speed Pick & Place machines placement.

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