CMM220 - Captive Screw Fixing M16C

In the world of interconnect solutions especially in the Military and Aero applications having a secure fixing is one of the main requirements of the market. Many designers work on the creation and innovation in the field of and connector fixings features in order to improve customer experience and bring some ease for the usage.

In 2015, Nicomatic has designed a new fixing for CMM220 – captive screw fixing “M16C”.

M16C was developed to meet our client’s requirements based on speed of mating/unmating in a reduced space (1.5mm). The nice aspect is also that it is multi-fixing matable with the same range as the successful M16: with F21, F22, F24, F26, F27, F28, F30, F31, and F34. It is used for female connectors on cable (S, C, E), PCB (Y, V, D) and on the Microflex harness.

The main feature of M16C lies in the mounting process of the connector: it allows an immediate mount & mating of the two mating halves without screwing during the mating process. There is no risk to mate at an angle.  It can be used for test equipment process where ease of installation, rapidity and regular mating and unmating are needed. Moreover thanks to its design, M16C screw is maintained so you cannot lose or unscrew it completely! This feature may be very useful in a very regulated environment such as Military or Aero-Space market. If during assembly process someone drops a screw-it is considered as lost and has to be replaced (and it can be considered dangerous for the safety of equipment). In this case the assembly process will be slowed down what one can avoid using the captive screw fixing. The lost screw may also represent a risk in a plane for example, if it is unscrewed, it may lead to short circuit or other misfunction.

M16C is qualified according to MIL-DTL-55302 and corresponds to the harsh environment use: vibration (10gn), shock (100g for 6ms), temperature (-60° to +260°), Locking &unlocking (500 cycles), etc. Watch the video.

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