CMM340 series is unique!

CMM340 serie offers the widest possible mixed layout choice present on the market today, up to 120 low frequency contacts, 64 high frequency or high power contacts of a smaller size (2.2mm dia.) in a 3-row environment.  Series 22 Coaxial high frequency contacts allow high speed signals up to 1.5GHz and high power (up to 10 Amp).

This serie uses stainless fixing hardware for extreme vibration resistance and encompass a range of other options including polarization, PCB fixing hardware and 94 UL VO rated plastic backshells for applications ranging from wire-to-wire-to-board-to-board offering through-hole, surface mount or press-fit on PCBs. All CMM product is RoHS compliant and Whisker Free. Temperature range of -60°C to +260°C and durability of up to 2 500 operations.

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