CMM Crimp Gauge Reducers

Nicomatic offers a solution for crimping of AWG 30 and AWG 32 wires. Using crimp gauge reducers as inserts into standard male or female signal contacts you can achieve a reliable crimp connection meeting the standards needed for typical mil/aero applications.

There are two different ferrule options for Nicomatic reducers:

1)    Part number 12922 which fits smartly in the C13064 female or 12960 male standard CMM contact. The reducer is crimped in one operation using MH800 tool with K1692 positioner on setting #4.

2)    Part number 14142 extends out of the same male or female contact by another 3mm providing additional protection of the fine gauge wires. This versions uses the identical tooling and positioner and requires 2 crimps to accomplish a final assembly.

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