Crimpflex and Medical applications

While designing electronics interconnections in high-end medical systems, manufacturers need to overcome several challenges in terms of : signal integrity for correct transmission of critical data (medical use), reliability of the solution in a harsh environment (numerous cycles of use, vibrations,…), miniaturization of the systems (smaller, tighter and more compact systems), adaptation to usage/design constraints (need to find an interconnect solution that fits the design, not the contrary) and capability to prove the system (make prototypes with small quantity as initial stage).


For example, for a medical equipment that is going to be fit onto the patient directly, the interconnection should be adapted to the space available and be as discrete and light as possible. It should also be resistant enough to the possible movements of the patient and might need to be placed then removed several times.


For this type of application, within the range of Nicomatic flat Crimpflex interconnection solutions, the designer can select the high flexibility contacts (14106) designed specifically for high number of mating/unmating cycles, associate them with a flat and light housing, selected as per the number of contacts required, and with latch (0JH for example) that will allow to connect/disconnect easily and safely the system.


For a diagnosis equipment, where vibrations can happen, routing and analysis (thus integrity) of data from device to Graphical User Interface is critical. It must as well fit in the medical environment. The designer can use Nicomatic Flat Flexible Cables (FFC) to route the signals through flat surfaces, select the high insertion force contacts (10025) crimped onto it for an increased retention in case of vibrations. The reliability of the signal will be ensured through Nicomatic original crimping technology with 6 points of contacts and gold plated contacts that maintain a proper connection over time (low resistance).  It is even possible to fit the contacts into PPC Chalk housings: they are white color to adapt to medical environment and don’t discolor when in contact with jellies for example.


When miniaturization is a must, designers can consider our solutions in 2.54mm pitch and, even smaller, in 1.27mm pitch. Based on the particular requirements of his/her design, the designer will chose the relevant connecting solution with the proper characteristics that will fit inside the system.

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