Discrete wire crimping tool

Nicomatic gives you the opportunity to make reliable connections from FFC flat cables to discrete wires. This is done thanks to the existing range of male and female connectors 1SMxx and 2SLxx (2 to 12 ways).
Male contacts 14671-xx available in tin plated version (or gold upon request) mate with the male housings 1SMxx and female contacts 14672-xx mate with female housings 2SLxx.

In order to insert the contacts into the housings they must be first crimped onto the cables. A tool under P/N 14841 has been designed and developed by NICOMATIC to do this with high efficiency. It can be easily handled with a straight action principle.
The cross section range is from AWG 28 to 22. It replaces the former P/Ns 14840 and 14839-F.

The contact positioning is made with a flap locator. The tool material is completely recyclable and compliant with RoHS directives. It includes ergonomically formed soft-grips for a comfortable use.

It is delivered with a drawing and instructions.

Once crimped and inserted into the corresponding housings the cabled connectors can be used with a full and optimal mating with OMxx / OLxx and 1Lxx CRIMPFLEX® housings.

The applications for the discrete wire & connectors are generally LED modules & lighting, industrial power,electric generators, forming machines, electric meters, thermostats, electric relays, residual current circuit breakers, machine tools, numerical controls etc.

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