Durable anti corrosion Gold FFC

Nicomatic’s Flat Flexible Cable (FFC) consists of tin or bare copper conductors laminated between polyester films with a thermal adhesive for durability.

With pitch densities down to 0.50 mm and capable of millions of cycles in high flexing environments, FFC cables are used in a wide variety of electronic applications as board to board interconnections.

Due to the RoHS and similar requirements, the issue of tin-whiskering has become a greater concern with the elimination of lead in the ZIF and LIF connectors used to mate to FFC cables.

In order to eliminate the potential of tin-whiskering, more and more applications are utilizing gold plated connectors, and therefore require gold plated FFC cables to prevent galvanic corrosion of dissimilar metals.

Nicomatic now offers gold plated cables in all pitches, 0.50 mm and larger.  With 0.10μm of gold plating of gold plating and 1μm (40µm) of nickel plating, Nicomatic’s Gold plated FFC cables provide a galvanic free connection for gold plated connectors.  In addition, the nickel plated thickness is sufficient to prevent copper bleed thru for the life of your product.

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