A few nice CMM fixings functions

One of the features of CMM connectors is high modularity that is by far the largest on the market. Let's have a look on some of fixing functions that make the difference:

  • M17 Fixing with Racking Function Before Tightening: allows to mate half the way and then to tighten for an easy insertion. It is recommended for CMM female Y, YL, T, S, C, E, (and D : 90°).

    > Easy guiding & semi-racking function
    > Hex locking function based on the bestseller M16. Holds well under high vibration

  • M22/M22L Fixing with Right Angle Racking Function: M22 and the longer M22L versions are based on the existing M21 type with a hex locking function. The new fixings are recommended for CMM female V, R, S, C, E (and D : 90°) types. M22L is dedicated to the VL contacts (90° on PCB with 4.5mm thickness).

    > Easy racking
    > Adaptable to for two market standard lengths

  • M10 Fixing with Hand Screw Hardware: based on the successful M16 type function. It is recommended for CMM female crimp versions S (24-28 Gauge), C (22 Gauge), and E (for HP/HF contacts crimps). You can easily screw & unscrew the extension by hand as seen on the sub-d systems usually found on computers & peripherals.

    > Easy manual assembly in small environments
    > Easy access to the component in blind situations & more difficult accessible areas
    > BTR Hexagonal key to tighten if necessary giving the user the choice to lock with a torque or not

  • HO1C for CMM320: connection with a new captive screw for straight PCB assemblies. The captive screw facilitates interconnection making it simple, more comfortable for the user and secure as you do not screw at the same time as you interconnect.
  • F24L: Function for use on CMM220 series and thicker cards like multi-layer PCBs (PCBs from 4mm to 6mm & SMT contacts type T / TL). The older F24 is appropriate for PCB thicknesses ranging from 1.5 to 4mm.
  • M49 / M49L / M49H: 100% racking fixing with 1.5mm diameter & 6.5mm length for  Y, YL, T, S & C terminations (straight PCB, SMT & cable). Perfect guiding before connection. Recommended for female CMM220 series & available in 3 versions M49 standard, M49L longer et M49H with hex screw.
  • F62 / F62L / F62LH / F62H: new female racking fixings with 1.6mm diameter & 6.5mm width. For contacts type Y, YL, T, S & C. Allows mating with new male fixings above (M49 type).
  • F63 / F63L: based on the same principle as M21 & M21L but made for male housings as reverse fixing. For V - R - S - C - E (D : 90°),  F63L => VL - R - S - C - E (D : 90°). For PCBs 1.6mm (F63) or 3.2mm thick (F63L) & mating with M46 & M47 fixings. Reverse fixings make it easier for the designer to put the female on the PCB and male on cable or flex rigid PCB, in case of constructions where the current comes from a PCB and out.
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