Everyone is engaged in Nicomatic

To increase employees autonomy, the company simplified the organisation and applied Lean manufacturing with its own style

When our company grew up, we tended to be more structured and rigid. New departments were created and isolated from each other, new processes were implemented, our hierarchy layers were extended, says Julien Nicollin, Nicomatic CEO. We realised that it created a lack of communication and decreased our reactivity. That's why we decided to give more flexibility to our workforce by reconsidering the role of management as faciltators and not controllers. Our motto is to trust people and encourage autonomy.

According to him, this leads to self-improvement of the organisation.

We don't depend on 10 managers to improve things, we have 230 employees doing ongoing improvement each day by themselves, emphasizes Aurélie Dujardin, HR Manager in France.

Nicomatic customers are at the core of the company, with periodic testimonials during lunch and learn inviting clients to explain to all employees their applications, constraints and needs.

It is important for us that everyone in the company understands our customers. That increases engagement and customer sensitivity, stresses Mr Nicollin. 

After one year and a half, the A3, one of the Lean improvement tools, is applied by 90% of employees, in office and manufacturing. This allowed the company to grow and stay performing. With good results: each year the sales revenues increase by 15%, people added value jumped to 30% in 2 years. The profit enabled the company to invest in new markets. A few months ago, Olivier Nicollin, Nicomatic General Manager, opened a 8th subsidiary in Korea, and work on a 9th for 2015. 

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