Finding Your Perfect Mate

Nicomatics FFC Jumper Cables are the preferred choice for major appliance manufacturers.  We offer Jumper Cables in two market standard pitches; 1.27 mm & 2.54 mm pitch. The best contact resistance 
together with a high mechanical force are a guarantee for a higher reliability and longer life-time of the end product.

White goods manufacturers use matte tin plating, making the process of mating and un-mating more difficult and inconsistent. Nicomatic uses bright tin plating, which allows for easy and consistent insertion and withdrawal force when assembling and repairing household appliances. Our product not only saves on aggravation, but also saves time (saving time saves money). A study conducted by Nicomatic, found on average an all Nicomatic solution for board level & cable assembly’s vs. an all competitor’s product results in a 54% reduction in insertion force and a 55% reduction in withdrawal force. 

The appliance industry is very large, with many players in the game.  One big player in the appliance industry came to us to solve their issue; technicians were having trouble blindly mating and un-mating board level and cable assemblies. Technicians were complaining about how difficult it was assembling 
and repairing household appliances, due to the mating and un-mating characteristics of certain manufactures plating.


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