How to choose your FFC Connector or End preparation

Nicomatic Flat Flexible Cables (FFC) solutions offer termination or end preparation using  Nicomatic Crimpflex Contacts/Connectors; ZIF or LIF ends to connector manufacturer specifications, bared conductors for soldering direct to pcbs, mounted with smd connectors with overmolds or mixed solution ends per solution needed.

Nicomatic is the only manufacturer of both FFC and Crimpflex Crimp Connector System providing a unique capability of vertical integration with fast cost effective solutions and creativity. This ability to blend specialty cables with Crimpflex on one end and ZIF or LIF preparation on the other makes your custom cable a standard in Nicomatic capabilities.

With FFC we can mix ZIF on one end with bared on the other, Hirose or other custom connector ends or shielding with ZIFs, mating thickness and end preparation to the connector callout, all done with the quality and service you expect from Nicomatic.

Flat cable offers preference over conventional round wire systems because of their compact design, low cost, weight savings and ability to bend. Designed for board to board interconnections, Nicomatic has developed a wide range of standard and custom designed FFCs incorporating folds, shields, notches, slitting, marking and innovative solutions to customer design. 

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