How to chose the right crimpflex female contact

Among Nicomatic Crimpflex contacts, you will find a wide range of possibilities, in term of contacts type, pitch and plating. 

If you use traditional 2.54 mm pitch (0.1 inch), 3 types of contacts are available:

  • For a stable insertion force and a large number of mating, the contact 14106 Hi-Flex will fit to most of your applications due to the flexibility of the contact which makes the mating/unmating easy and smooth. This most recent design became the preference. The contact robustness allows 500 cycles and the V shape offers the best  mating area for male insertion
  • For high insertion force and limited number of mating, the contact 10025 would fit to your need
  • For low insertion force, you could select the 11506 

All contact are available in 4 plating options, from tin to 3 different gold thicknesses: 

  • the regular gold xxxxx-32 (0.15µ)
  • the added gold xxxxx-352 (0.37µ)
  • the ultra gold xxxxx-372 (0.75µ)

The selection is made according to your need in term of cycle mating, corrosion and mating part. The most used plating is regular gold, which fits to most of applications, enables easy soldering, ensures a long lifecycle and mates with standard gold headers.

For miniaturisation purpose, some of you might use a reduced pitch of 1.27mm (0.05 inch). In this case, you will have same options for plating. You will have a unique type of contact called 16068 which fits to applications requiring higher reliability than classic ZIF/LIF due to latch locking feature. 

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