If you need very small quantities quickly

If you need a few pieces of connectors during your design stage or testing, it can be difficult to get small quantities without high additional fees or minimum amount of pieces. Nicomatic allows to purchase any CMM rectangular plastic connector from 1 piece, with no additional charge. The objective is to make easy life to engineering during their design stage. 

The company is organised to produce and deliver small, medium and large series. All CMM micro connectors part numbers are manufactured within 5 days. The modularity of the connector, mixing signal, high frequency and high power contacts offers over 20 millions of configurations. For this reason, the company is organised to be able to produce any part number within 5 days. It can be perceived as a custom product on your side, but any of the 20 million of configuration is standard for us. 

Discover all possible configurations with the CMM part number builder 

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