Military Grade Crimp Connector for Printed Electronics

As printed electronics has matured, especially with the ability to embed components onto electronics, more and more applications are being found in defense and aerospace for membrane switches, sensors, and other specialty printed electronics. Until now, crimp contacts for printed electronics have only been available with plastic latches. While plastic latches are a reliable solution for commercial and most industrial applications, they lack the strength, durability and other characteristics required to meet the unique needs of the defense and aerospace industries.

For the first time, the Nicomatic’s Microflex system offers a military grade connector with stainless steel fixing hardware and a full variety of mating connectors. Microflex is a 2.0 mm pitch crimp connector system for flat conductors, including printed ink used for membrane switch tails.

MicroFlex combines the high reliability of the Crimpflex contact with a military-grade housing and stainless steel fixings that mate directly to Nicomatic’s military range of connectors, the CMM connector line, which is widely used throughout the military and aerospace industries. This connector system includes PCB, SMT, and Cable mating connectors in both straight and right angle configurations. There are also stainless steel hardware configurations for locking applications, guide pins and thumb screw options. So, no matter what your customer requires, there is a solution with this connector system.

These connectors have been vibration tested to Mil DTL 55302F and are rated to in excess of 150C. Other important performance characteristics include:

  • Shock – Up to 20g
  • Mating Life – Up to 2500 cycles for gold 
  • Vibration - Mil DTL 55302F with peak of 15g/147.1 m/s2 (see catalog) 
  • Temperature – -60C to 125C (CMM connector up to 150C; cable up to 125C for Polyimide and 105C for Polyester.)
  • Current – Up to 3 Amps at 25C
  • Max. mating force per contact: 2 N 
  • Min. un-mating force per contact: 0.2 N 
  • Crimp tensile strength: 15 N 
  • Retention force into housing: 20 N 
  • Mechanical operations : 500 cycles 
  • Minimum breakdown voltage : 1000 Vrms 
  • Proof voltage : 750 Vrms 
  • Working voltage : 250 Vrms 
  • Current : 3 A max . @ 25°C
  • Contact resistance : 15 mOhms max.
  •  Insulation resistance : >300 GOhms  

The Nicomatic Microflex connector system offers the printed electronics manufacturer another innovative connector solution to meet the demanding requirements of their customers. To find out what Nicomatic can do to improve the performance of your medical products, contact your Local Sales Support for more Details, FREE Samples, Literature and/or Technical Support.

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