NICOMATIC SA is pushing the walls

A 2 500m2 extension at our headquarters & production centre is under way. It is an additional space added to the existing 4 200m2 built in year 2003 to group different buildings together.

Nicomatic SA is growing & so is the building that will integrate new equipments, and a reorganized space for everyone as part of 100% in-house integration of our manufacturing, processes & tech center.
The extended facilities should be operational by the end of 2016 for a total investment of 4m €.


The reorganization that has started more than 3 and a half years ago is also about LEAN management applied to a SME ETI business.

The results have mainly led to a change of culture based on a policy of continuous improvement, where the employee is at the centre of progress.

At Nicomatic everyone goes towards more autonomy, personal involvement & team work. The traditional hierarchy with several management levels does not exist. Instead, a flat structure with 2 levels of management allow for a more efficient & fast response organization where customer satisfaction is present at each stage.

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