Nicomatic in membrane switches

Our man-machine interface components & connectors are used in a variety of projects. Nicomatic has been present in the PEMS industry for many years now and has always developed and produced dedicated solutions to help our customers growth and become a truly one-stop-shop:

  • 4-legged domes for switches & push buttons (Switch'Air patent for non-stick domes): 6, 8.4, 10, 12.2mm
  • UltraThin™ and MembraneThin™ LEDs for electroluminescence/backlighting: 0.35 and 0.50mm height (Package 1206 & 1210)
  • Adhesive Spacers
  • CrimpFlex™ connectors to interface with printed circuits: female contacts, male pins & soldertabs, housings in a 1.27mm & 2.54mm pitch and many functions to choose from
  • Crimping presses, manual or semi-automatic
  • PCB connectors, sockets & headers to mate with Crimpflex™ solutions
  • ...

NICOMATIC products can easily be integrated in all ergonomic projects.

For example, Johnson Control Asia used our know-how in metal domes inside the keypad of one of their measurement equipments. Our solution has solved a technical issue linked to the use of the equipment in different world regions where humidity was very high. Our SWITCH'AIR™ metal domes brought a real advantage in such environmental conditions.
Pieffepi Vision, one of the major italian membrane keyboard manufacturers specialized in electroluminescent lamps & EMI/RFI shieldings also chose NICOMATIC non-stick domes for a high number of switches inside a membrane designed for an industrial machine and a joystick. In the same application our CRIMPFLEX™ connectors for flexible circuits have been used to interconnect to the PCB board.?


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