MicroFlex Hi-Rel Solution

With more and more printed ink and flex pcb circuits being used in Mil/Aero applications, Nicomatic offers a new alternative with the Micro-Flex.

This new two in one technology ensures a high mechanical link and electrical continuity between 2mm pitch CMM micro-connectors and flat conductor Crimpflex technology. One of the major advantages is a small 2mm pitch that allows the reduction of space, but there is also a lower weight feature that enables the replacement of discrete wires and bulky cables still very present in avionics equipment. Nicomatic is able to reduce up to 60% weight through a solution that is thinner and lighter than a traditional cable.

Available in double row up to 60 contacts and with stainless fixing hardware ensuring secure connection under high vibration environments for its OCTOPUS and FEMALE-FEMALE versions. FEMALE-SOLDERPIN versions are also available for soldering on one side. For all versions the bent radius is far more important than the discrete wired similar solutions.

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