New Crimpflex™ Guideline

The number of applications for CrimpFlex™ products has grown up significantly in recent years.

CRIMPFLEX™ is a connector system dedicated to flat cables and flexible circuits where two modules are to be connected. 

Widely used in membrane switches from the start, and still in a leading position on this market, the range of products has been regularly expanding to reach today the widest product portfolio in terms of housings & related mating-halves, contacts, discrete wire to flat connection options, crimping equipments & more specific designs.

The flat design and geometry of the contacts & their reliability have opened many new doors in areas such as touch panels/pads, e-inks, smart textiles, flex sensors, wearable sensors (eg. printed heat, smart clothing) or piezoresistive sensors, smart house, medical devices & imaging, lighting, white & consumer goods, robotics, automotive (eg. car seats, grip detection such as power assisted controls)...

In these markets CrimpFlex™ is perceived as innovative and smart & solves a number of new design issues.

Our connector families utilize crimp terminals which are separate from the housings. First the terminals are crimped to the circuit tail, subsequently the housing is assembled to the terminals. The crimping of the contact is achieved by piercing the conductor at 6 points: 2 points achieve mechanical retention, and electrical contact by 4 points with reduced contact resistance. The advantages are numerous. Crimping of all the contacts in one operation will save time, cost and improve accuracy. 

In order to facilitate the selection of the right part and solution, we have issued a CrimpFlex™ guideline for our users, engineers & purchasers. The guide aims at combining together all CrimpFlex™ products. It is not a technical book (all spec is available online), but rather a guide on the technology and its different application scopes. 

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