Nicomatic celebrates its 40th anniversary

This year Nicomatic celebrates its 40th anniversary: 40 years of developing interconnect solutions worldwide, 40 years of expertise and collaboration that have been successful thanks to you all!

Today we are more mature and more solid than ever, which has given us the ability to head towards the future and take on more challenges with vitality & ambition.
This anniversary marks a new start, representing a collective and positive dynamic which is further, higher and faster. This is thanks to more know-how, talent, ambition and innovation.

For Olivier Nicollin, CEO of Nicomatic: this year, we blow the candles ?out on our ?40th year of presence in the connector industry. Nicomatic has anc?ho?red in its DNA a pioneer and innovating spirit
We have experienced double digit growth ??figures over the ?p?ast 5 years, and we continue in th?is? same direction. We are also building up a new company culture based on shared values of innovation, engagement, transparency?, ?integrity, proactiv?ity? & simplicity.
Our vision is to become a worldwide reference in micro-connectors for harsh environmen??t?s? and advanced interconnect solutions.

?This spirit, means new promises for the future illustrated today by an organi?s?ation of liberating leadership & empowerment where the autonomy, the responsibility & the well-being of our employees is at the core.
We are ?now rennovating our HQ? allowing? an additional ?2.500m2? of floor space along side a new ?work ?reorgani?s?ation of new equipments and a collaboration around flows and a flat structure, with no more than 3 levels of hierarchy.
Our US site is going to expand too in a year and a half, and we continue to grow by opening new sites such as the one programmed in Singapore next July.

We would like to be more agile, and bring value added solutions? answer?ing? more and more demanding customer requests?.???

We will soon? have ?300 employees, and ?envisage to continue to increase this number.

Nicomatic SA has been ranked in the ?top ?40 independant French companies in terms of?? success ?in ?export. Our sales have reached new records, ?including ?our products being present in 65 countries last year.

Our history continues, let's write it together!

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