Nicomatic FFC Life Cycles

Nicomatic’s Flat Flexible Cable is designed for high actuation life even at elevated operating temperatures.  Most industry flex life testing is conducted at room temperature, while many applications require high actuation life under elevated operating temperatures, such as in printers and appliances.  Operating temperatures greater than 25°C can have a significant effect on flex life of the cable.

Nicomatic has conducted testing to simulate high temperature operating conditions on our cables and on cable assemblies produced with a variety of competitor’s materials. Elevated temperature operation was simulated by baking the cable at elevated temperatures and then performing the life cycle testing.

This testing has demonstrated that Nicomatic’s FFC cables will have a significantly longer flex life compared to the alternate materials tested. Flex life after the baking reduced flex life to less than 10% of room temperature. The following charts illustrates the affect of temperature on flex life.

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