Nicomatic Sponsors the Grenoble University Space Centre

Nicomatic Sponsors the Grenoble University Space Centre

In late 2017, Nicomatic, a world leader in the connector industry, undertook to support the Grenoble University Space Centre’s (CSUG) activities. This commitment is in keeping with the group’s desire for long-term involvement in the training of young people and their passion for contributing to the democratisation of space by developing the NewSpace* sector.

Since 2015, the Grenoble University Space Centre has brought together around a hundred students each year, mainly from the Université Grenoble Alpes and Grenoble INP, to participate in the space adventure by building nanosatellites. They are assisted by research professors and engineers, in turn supported by manufacturers — project sponsors — in order to complete technological systems for scientific and industrial experimentation in space.

Nicomatic is joining the ranks of the CSUG’s sponsors, via the Fondation Université Grenoble Alpes foundation, providing sponsorship in the form of funding, in addition to equipment for outfitting the nanosatellites and expertise, advice and support for research professors and their students in order to participate in this great space technology democratisation adventure.

Nicomatic’s involvement is part of a long-term partnership to create innovative projects and participate in the group’s Open Innovation. Indeed, Nicomatic is developing innovative management and offers a business management style considered to be “free, empowering and informative”, in which any employee with an idea is invited to present it to the company’s executive team, as well as share and actualise it, seeing it through to completion.  This was the case for Sylvie Demathieu, Nicomatic’s head of space market development, who came up with this sponsorship project:

I’m delighted that we were able to conclude a partnership with the UGA foundation and the CSUG. It seemed obvious to me, given we share the same vision and we have a mutual need for one another in order to participate together in the development of the NewSpace sector.  This sponsorship is proof of Nicomatic’s true commitment to developing its activities in the space market and our support of ambitious university research and development programs, like the nanosatellites,” states Sylvie Demathieu, Nicomatic’s head of space market development.

Connectors are a very frequent point of failure for spatial systems and Nicomatic’s expertise in on-board connectors will be very useful for the CSUG in learning to avoid these breakdowns and will be very educational for the students. Moreover, Nicomatic is an innovative company in many ways: in management, methodology and even in development. This relationship that we are in the process of building will help us to enhance and improve our processes together. For the Space Centre, more than simple sponsorship, this is a true partnership that we have just created,” applauds Mathieu Barthélémy, CSUG Director.

Group photo with NICOMATIC while visiting the CSUG on 3 April 2018 (download from the link at the bottom of the email)

*NewSpace: the NewSpace sector concerns new aerospace companies working on developing low-cost public access to space exploration.

The Grenoble University Space Centre – CSUG

The CSUG unites the Université Grenoble Alpes and Grenoble INP’s NewSpace activities. Its aims are to develop miniature space instruments suitable for nanosatellites, to develop student education in the sector by involving students in certain space-related projects and to bring together the sector’s academic and industrial stakeholders. By encouraging around 120 students to get involved each year across all disciplines and all levels, it educates students about changes in the space sector, focusing on space instrument and data use aspects. Starting in early 2018, the CSUG is currently developing four space instruments for diverse domains such as space weather, quantum communication and Earth observation. The CSUG receives support for these educational activities from industrial sponsors, including Nicomatic.

The Fondation Université Grenoble Alpes foundation, connecting explorers and leaders

The Fondation Université Grenoble Alpes foundation is gathering together its unprecedented forces for a lively, humanist future. It links together imagination with ambition and experimentation. It initiates meetings and it motivates connections between ideas, people and businesses.  By forming partnerships and putting them into action for public interest projects, it unites businesses, research professors and students in the goal of supporting its university’s strategic initiatives, assisting its students with their exceptional projects and participating in the dynamics within its field. The UGA’s foundation has supported the CSUG since its creation in 2015; it has made partnerships possible between the CSUG and Air Liquide, Teledyne e2v, ST Microelectronics, Sofradir and, now, Nicomatic.

Université Grenoble Alpes – UGA

Resulting from the 2016 merger of the Joseph Fourier, Pierre-Mendès-France and Stendhal universities, the Université Grenoble Alpes is a major player in higher education and research in France. In an ever more competitive world, the UGA’s goal is to better rise to the host of challenges faced by universities now and in the future, as well as to increase its visibility and appeal at the international level. Thanks to its 80 research laboratories and in partnership with research organisations and the site’s major schools, the UGA’s research is becoming increasingly cross-disciplinary, moving to the forefront of innovation.      Its educational offering also covers all of the various academic fields. Today, the UGA is able to offer its 45,000 students versatile education and facilitate bridges between diplomas.

Grenoble INP

Grenoble INP, a public higher education and research institute, trains engineers that are creative, responsible and committed to a sustainable world so as to overcome future challenges facing society in the fields of energy, digital society, micro- and nano-technology, the environment and the future of industry. Grenoble INP develops its training programmes in collaboration with high-level research laboratories jointly steered by the site’s university partners and research organisations (CNRS, Inria, CEA and others) and, for many years, has forged strong links with the world of socio-economics, allowing it to anticipate manufacturers’ needs in terms of skills.

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