OJ and OJH new housings

NICOMATIC has launched the new 0Jxx & 0JHxx housing series that present a technical evolution from the existing 0Lxx / 0Mxx latched housings.

The CRIMPFLEX™ connectors range already features a number of housings that reply to application specific requirements whether you are in a removable or non removable connection.New latched 
housings, connector

Just as the 0Lxx and 0Mxx connectors, the new 0Jxx/0JHxx connector has been developed for easy mating and unmating to a walled pin header (industry standard locking system). It both replaces 0M or 0L housings thus eliminating inventory needs as well as concern about wrong callout of mating to one or the other industry standard.

Compared to the existing 0L and 0M, the new latching housing 0J offers an extra mechanical protection to prevent the latch from breaking or tearing in case of strong vibration. Indeed, the latch is protected by 2 plastic” ends” that are on each side of the latch and prevent it to move left or right. The product also features 4 chamfers for an easier insertion guiding to the counterpart. Material is made of thermoplastic with fiberglass classified UL94 V0 black as all Nicomatic housings.

The 0JHxx is the version with through holes that allow insertion of the contacts on the opposite side to the latch or on the latch side.

The new product is fully compatible with major connector suppliers on the marketplace.

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