DMM Micro D Mix connectors

DMM highly reliable connectors comply with MIL-DTL-83513G performances, and enable a wide choice of arrangements compared to micro-d or sub-d. They allow space saving, electromagnetic & mechanical protection. Moreover you can use one piece or two piece backshells for 360° shielding and protection of your cable interconnection. You can use DMM with Flange for better shielding continuity when mounting on panel or without Flange as a low profile solution.

Features :

  • High modularity : contacts Signal ( LF),  Power (HP) and Coax (HF) up to 10M arrangements
  • Board to board, board to wire, wire to wire, panel mount (1 to 4 rows of contacts)
  • Miniaturisation: 2mm pitch, low profile
  • Ruggedized with aluminium alloy 6061
  • Short leadtime and low MOQ 
  • Easy maintenance thanks to dismountable contacts
  • Online services ioS/Androïd for designers (automatic part numbering system, automatic 2D and 3D drawings)    
IP 68 & Sealing for Radar Application Case

IP 68 & Sealing for Radar Application Case

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Assembly upgrade: molded insulator & back resin
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Backshells for DMM series connectors
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Higher ruggedness with DMM !
DMM series is a rugged, compact and shock resistant connector system. It is available in an all LF or mixed-layout configuration, with high frequency and/or high power contacts with possible arrangements of between 1 and 4 rows of contacts with up to 120 contacts. DMM connectors offer a high ...
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DMM Micro D Mix connectors are a board to board, board to wire, wire to wire and front or rear panel connector with a fully modular and hybrid range.

All series are dedicated to cable and printed circuit board applications. They offer many advantages vs. the traditional Micro-D MIL-DTL-83513G normalized connectors.

DMMs are mechanically strong (metal connector shell - 6061 type alloy w/ chemical Ni 10µm) and are EMI/RFI 360° protected.

- Saves space: lower profile, high density package & small footprint

- Full modularity: choose signal, power or coax contacts

- easier maintenance: crimp contacts are removable

- Higher flexibility: options for front/rear panel mount, straight/90°, cable/pcb

- Shorter lead-time & lower MOD

Shell: Aluminum 6061 type alloy w/ chemical nickel plating 10µm

Insert: Special PPS ranked UL 94-V0

Jackscrew: passivated stainless steel 300 series

50 pounds per sq. inch

It differs if you are on a PCB to PCB or PCB to wire configuration.

It is small as we are in a low profile connector system. Have a look on page 8.


If you take into account all possibilities today (1 to 4 rows, number of different contacts, termination styles, fixings & combinations), we reach over 2 million configurations.

No. In the standard DMM range, the connectors are not IP norm compatible or sealed.

However, our custom made design department may have the right solutions for you:

No. Please consult our custom design department for your hermetical connector.

If you need backpotting at the rear side of the connector, select SL/CL shells with a high profile of 13mm.

It is also possible to use the medium profile shells of 10mm SP/CP or EP in the case of a fully equipped connector with special contacts (HP or HF).

Yes. Our backshells are a good protection against mechanical/physical constraints and against EMI. (EMI 360° protected).

The mono backshell is a one part accessory with a very thin profile. It can be used with medium or long shell profiles.

Our standard backshells are with a straight entry. They are available with elliptical or circular entry according to the shell size used.

Generally, these backshells are used with smaller AWG cables and where space is more critical.

Using a backshell can avoid the backpotting as the function maintains the cable and protects the contact. It is more flexible as you can reinsert the contacts (that are removable).


A split backshell is an accessory with high mechanical and EMI 360° protection.

It is a 2 part design with an easy and fast mounting and dismounting process. It can be used with all Nicomatic DMM series and all shell types.

They are available in a straight entry in standard.


Yes. EMI/RFI shield termination bands are commonly used to attach a braid or a shield to a backshell. You can get either pre coiled (P/N 17206) or flat (P/N 17205) bands as well as a banding tool kit (P/N C17472).

For our backshells we have chosen a width of 1/8''. Termination bands are qualified to the M85049/128 specifications.

Yes. You can find it in the library online.

ICBS01 for Mono backshells.

There is also a video available online.

- EMI/RFI 360°

- Mechanical protection for better retention (cables-contacts)

- Low susceptibility to interferance (clean data transfer w/ great impedance transfer value)

- Prehension - gripping ability for bigger connections

- Aesthetic design

It depends if you use a mono or split.

In mono backshells, the fixing is delivered automatically. You do not need to order separately.

In split backshells, you have the choice between 2 types of fixings so you need to order them separately given your own need:

- B51 fixing is used for backshell to backshell connection

- B53 fixing is used for any other configuration (mostly used fixing)

Under kit C17472 you will get:

- mManual banding tool instructions

- Banding tool

- Adjustment wrench

- Rollover tool

Yes, have a look in the Product Finder.

You have two separate P/Ns:

- C17596 for the mounting/dismounting tool

- C17597 for the insertion clip

Yes. EMC test according to MIL-STD-1377 (screened cable/connector method)

Our value is great.

The transfer impedance is < 200mOhm from 10 Khz to 400Mhz according to MIL-STD-1377.

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