Microflex flexible harness

Microflex™ interconnection is a flat cable harness with screw fixing for high vibration environment. This jumper mates with CMM 220 connector for high mechanical resistance. This solution has been tested to meet MIL-DTL-55302F performances. 3 versions are available Female-Female, solderpin-female and octopus multi branches.  


  • Board to board, board to wire, wire to wire
  • From 04 to 60 signal contacts, 2mm pitch
  • Clear and easy cabling system
  • weight reduction up to 60% vs round cable
  • Flexible cable and high life expectancy 
  • Vibration resistance 
Microflex Hi-Rel Flexible Harnesses
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MicroFlex Hi-Rel Solution
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Minimum Breakdown Voltage = 1000 Vrms
Withstanding voltage = 750 Vrms
Rated Voltage = 250 Vrms (also called operating voltage)

It is a hi-rel flexible connection system used in MIL-AERO applications mainly. NICOMATIC provides an alternative to classic round cables
- 2mm pitch
- 2 rows, from 04 to 60 signal contacts
- Board to board, board to cable, cable to cable versions
- 3A contacts

Flexibility: 10 000 000 cycles, bending 1/4'' radius

The housing is in PPS with glass fiber classified UL 94 V0

Yes. Vibration test according to MIL-DTL-55302F §3.16 and §4.16.10 Test condition III 147.1m/s2 (15gn) @
ambient condition of use according to the Qualification test report conditions.

Test results (Female-Female & Octopus) :
No electrical interruption greater than one microsecond during vibration test, no sign of loosening,
fracture or other deterioration to the mounting hardware after the test.

It depends.

Female-female or Octopus versions:
-55°C to +105°C for Polyester cable
-55°C to +125°C for Polyimide cable
Solderpin-female versions:
-40°C to +105°C for Polyester cable
-40°C to +125°C for Polyimide cable

Yes, but it is available upon request such as many other options: higher temperature, other material, controlled
impedance & LVDS... Contact us.

Up to 60 LF contacts are available.

As the solderpin side is soldered, it generally does not comply with high vibration.

Therefore we recommend to use the Female - Female or Octopus versions.

The Solderpin - Male can also be used in high vibration but needs to pass thru a dedicated customer process on PCB to protect the soldered part.

Yes. According to the test routines other than MIL, our technical features reach higher performances: up to 20 gn (Female - Female & Octopus).


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