OMM micro-circular connectors

OMM circular micro-connectors are designed for board to cable interconnexion, and allow space saving thanks to their shape & captive screw fixing. They save weight and meet MIL-DTL-55302F performances. Contacts are dismountable for easy maintenance.


  • Up to 50% weight saving vs CMM220
  • Secure connection
  • Fit to harsh environment 
  • Configuration available in 8 contacts male pcb – female on cable
  • Easy maintenance 
8-Series OMM Micro-Circular Connector
OMM Micro Circular Connector is especially aimed at applications in small spaces such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), UVS, missiles, surveillance cameras, robotics and handheld remote controls. It allows a high density of contacts in a minimum space and is available today in 8 position housi...
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OMM is a small round connector based on the same materials as the market star CMM connector.

It is used with LF signal contacts and is modular with the possible configurations from 1 to 8 pins. It has 1 central captive screw for a secure connection.

It is reliable in small spaces & MIL type harsh environments.

It can save up to 50% of weight and space vs. a CMM that generally has 2 ears needed for the fixings on each side.

Because of its small size & high performance, this connector is mainly used UAVs, UVS, robotics, civil security, defense and aero markets.

The captive screw allows to make the interconnection first and then to screw (you do not need to screw at the same time as you interconnect).

The total mated length is 7.8mm in PCB to PCB and 12,6mm in PCB to wire.

The outer diameter is 11mm.

OMM micro-circular connectors withstand temperature variations from -60 to +260 degrees Celsius, have gold-plated contacts (3A up to 5A) hooked in NICOMATIC housing to make them capable of up to 2,500 mating cycles. The solution is based on the same level of reliability as the CMM series micro connectors under MIL-DTL-55302F.

Either pre-wired, SMT or straight tail signal terminations:

- Male straight PCB: Y for PCB 0.8-2mm and YL for PCB 1.5-4mm

- Male straight SMT: TL for PCB with any thickness

- Female to crimp on cable: C for AWG22 and S for AWG 24-28

In its full 8-pin version, it is less than 2 gr.!

This is not standard. There are however many other possibilities in terms of configurations and features that can be added in custom design: eg. shielding, gasket, backpotting... Contact us.

You do it at the rear side of the connector with a standard 2mm hexagonal tool (same as CMM).

The standard size is the 8-position housing (OMM 8-Series).

In custom design, a 6 and 10-position housing is available upon request. Consult us.

F24L is adapted for PCBs with thickness 3.5 to 6mm max.

Yes. The cavity loading selection is done according to the LF signal contact position number. View the product datasheet on page 2 to see the possibilities.

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