Shielding protection becomes a critical issue

Shielding protection becomes a critical issue to secure data transmission, reliability of signal and avoid failures and non-quality costs.  

As the quantity and speed of data are increasing, environments are getting noisier, bringing a challenge for signal integrity in many industries such as medical, avionics, appliance and robotics. To protect your systems against electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electrostatic discharge (ESD), you might look for a shielded interconnection.



Because each design is different, Nicomatic offers as many options as we can

For a basic and minimum protection, you can select a “floating” shielding. An aluminum wrap will protect your cable. This option is mostly used when systems need additional protection but with no possibility of re-designing the printed circuit board. You can order your current cable with an aluminum wrap on it with no grounding.

Our customer preference often goes to internal shielding, as it offers a compact and efficient protection, and doesn’t require changing your connector. This option offers you a shielded flat cable with conductors directly grounded to your connector. The most common design is to ground the first and last conductors. However, to fit to all designs, Nicomatic gives you the option to ground any conductor, any number, and any location.

If you can ground the cable to your circuit board, you could go for the “external” shielded cable. This solution offers you a shielded cable with a window where you can ground it to your circuit board. Less convenient than the internal shielding option, but has proven the best EMI protection.

If you have specific challenges to solve and require technical solutions, Nicomatic will offer you the best option which fits to your unique design. 

To sustain the increasing need for shielded systems and interconnections, our R&D department innovates each year with new materials of shielded cable and many options to make your life easier.

As flexibility is our motto, you will not be limited by our range. We can shield all types of Nicomatic flat cables: non terminated card cables, terminated jumper cables, flat cables with screw fixing for harsh environment. You can have any number of pins, custom length, and 5 different pitch options.  

Protect your design

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