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DMM Micro D Mix-Steckverbinder

DMM Micro D Mix-Steckverbinder

DMM Micro-D Mix-Steckverbinder sind MIL-DTL-83513G kompatibel und ermöglichen im Vergleich zu micro-d oder sub-d eine große Auswahl an Anordnungen. Dank der ein- oder zweiteiligen Endgehäuse sind sie platzsparend und bieten 360° elektromagnetischen und mechanischen Schutz. Unsere Empfehlung: verwenden Sie die DMM-Version mit Schutzkragen, um die kontinuierliche Plattenabschirmung zu gewährleisten. Die Version ohne Schutz für Platzersparnis.


  • Hohe Modularität: HF-, HP-, LF-Kontakte, bis zu 2 Mio. Anordnungen
  • Leiterplatte zu Leiterplatte, Leiterplatte zu Kabel, Kabel zu Kabel, Plattinemontage (1 bis 4 Reihen an Kontakten)
  • Miniaturisierung: 2mm-Raster, Flachprofil
  • Widerstandsfähig durch 6061-Aluminiumlegierung
  • Kurze Vorlaufzeit und geringe Mindestbestellmenge 
  • Einfache Wartung aufgrund zerlegbarer Kontakte
  • Online-Dienste iOS/Androïd für Entwickler (automatisches Teilenummernsystem, CAD-Sofort-Modelle: einschließlich Gewichtsangabe)  

high performance micro connectors datasheet
Harsh environment connectors and solutions
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DMM self declaration of conformity
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Mounting & dismounting instruction for mono backshells
Backshells for DMM series connectors

A backshell is the rear portion of a connector, which is normally a separate section from the connector head. It is used to secure the cable to the end of the connector in order to relieve strain on solder and crimp joints. It also shields against electrical interference (EMI/RFI protection), mechanical injury or physical damage due to environmental conditions.  Nicomatic Transfer Impedance is under 200mOhm from 10Khz to 400Mhz, which allows us to offer an excellent & clean data transfer from an emitting device to a receptor.

Assembly upgrade: molded insulator & back resin

Nicomatic connectors, especially the MIL-DTL-83513G DMM® connector range, have to be more and more compatible with high & harsh requirements. To reach this target and in a continuous spirit of improvement we have decided to upgrade our assembly process.

IP 68 & Sealing for Radar Application Case

The end user of the radar systems requires the system to be durable, reliable and with low maintenance.  In-order to track multiple targets, the system needs to have the most accurate information transmission and its protection of signal. The expectation of radar manufactures is very high, and that is why they demand excellent quality and performance from each component that makes up the entire system.

Higher ruggedness with DMM !

DMM series is a rugged, compact and shock resistant connector system. It is available in an all LF or mixed-layout configuration, with high frequency and/or high power contacts with possible arrangements of between 1 and 4 rows of contacts with up to 120 contacts.

DMM backshell, « The EMI fighter »

The multiplication of data in electronic systems could have disastrous results if the impact of the cross talk was not anticipated. Under an electromagnetic perturbation (EMI, RFI or EMP), the cable’s conductor acts as antennas and picks up the radiated signals. The reception of this interference surely impacts the initial signal integrity.

What is DMM?de

DMM Micro D Mix connectors are a board to board, board to wire, wire to wire and front or rear panel connector with a fully modular and hybrid range.

All series are dedicated to cable and printed circuit board applications. They offer many advantages vs. the traditional Micro-D MIL-DTL-83513G normalized connectors.

DMMs are mechanically strong (metal connector shell - 6061 type alloy w/ chemical Ni 10µm) and are EMI/RFI 360° protected.

Warum DMM anstatt Micro-D- oder Sub-D-Steckverbinder verwenden?

- Platzsparend: niedrigeres Profil, hohe Verpackungsdichte und kleiner Raster - Komplett modular: Sie können die Kontakte für Signal, Leistung und Coax auswählen - Einfache Wartung: Crimp-Kontakte können entfernt werden - Höhere Flexibilität; Option zur Montage an Vorder- oder Rückseite, gerade/90°, Kabel/Leiterplatte - Kürzere Vorlaufzeit und geringere Mindestbestellmenge

What material is used for DMMs?

Shell: Aluminum 6061 type alloy w/ chemical nickel plating 10µm

Insert: Special PPS ranked UL 94-V0

Jackscrew: passivated stainless steel 300 series