Nicomatic and Amphenol Socapex conclude an agreement on the rectangular 1.27 mm pitch connector developed by Nicomatic


Nicomatic and Amphenol Socapex conclude an agreement on the rectangular 1.27 mm pitch connector developed by Nicomatic

Nicomatic, the French company recognized for the design and manufacture of miniature, rugged connector systems, and Amphenol Socapex, the world-renowned manufacturer of rugged interconnection solutions have signed a dual-sourcing agreement, whereby Amphenol Socapex will sell Nicomatic’s modular, 1.27mm pitch rectangular EMM connector family under the brand MICRO HDAS. This will benefit customers in hirel industries who require a dual source for this innovative connector.

Under the global agreement, a selection of Nicomatic’s EMM series connectors will be integrated into the Amphenol Socapex portfolio. Both companies will use their respective channels and customers to address new markets with the high performance connector, and each company will deploy its own strategy and use its own networks to respond to satisfy the demands of its customers, regardless of the geographic area targeted.

Comments Olivier Nicollin, CEO of Nicomatic: “We approached this partnership in the spirit of co-operation. We are looking to accelerate the adoption of a connector that we are proud of, but above all, we are convinced that this agreement offers added value to our customers. Our partners have trusted us for a long time because our connectivity meets their requirements. We are committed on a daily basis to developing an ecosystem in which our customers are central, thanks to the strong links we create and develop with our employees and also with our suppliers, or in this case, even with our ‘competitors’. This philosophy guides the commitments we make, and this initiative with Amphenol Socapex is a perfect example of where we choose to work together to better serve our customers.”

Adds Michel Albrieux, Managing Director of Amphenol Socapex: “The 1.27 mm pitch miniature rectangular connectors are an obvious complement to our wide range of PCB connectors. We know that our customers require not only wanted a technology solution, but also a need a second source in order to secure their supply chains. It is quite natural that our two companies, who are physically close to each other and complementary, have been able to reach such an agreement. We are equally enthusiastic regarding possible future joint developments for this connector technology, which has everything needed to become the standard benchmark in years to come.”