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Latch CMS 90

NICOMATIC offers 90° SMT latches for CMM100/200 series female connectors. It completes the existing range of friction and straight SMT latches available in the range. The SMD latch is generally used in board-to-wire interconnection systems where a connector is fixed to female housings on cable.

The latch, made of beryllium alloy over Nickel 3µ, is applicable to 1 and 2 row connectors with low frequency contacts, 90° SMT (R type contacts). Typical Nicomatic part numbers are 101RnnLS (from 2 to 25 LF contacts) and 201RnnLS (from 4 to 50 LF contacts). SMT latch leads to substantial production cost reduction on electronic modules as it is no longer necessary to use the strain relief strap and thus to pierce PCB wholes. The latch allows a high quality mechanical locking system and PCB soldering at the vapour phase. Tape & Reel packaging is made possible.