Crimpflex™ Contacts

CrimpfFlex™ contacts ensure excellent mechanical retention and electrical contact by piercing the conductor in 6 points. It is the basis for the Nicomatic patent.
The contacts are available in 2 standard pitch sizes, 1.27mm & 2.54mm, in male, male soldertab and female versions to meet all market needs. Female contacts are selective gold or tin plated.

General features:

  • The best contact resistance with high mechanical force
  • UL E 125469
  • Can pierce all kind of supports: polyester, FR4, polyimide, PTFE, etc.
  • Temperature range from -55°C to +150°C
  • 2.54mm pitch: 3 female contacts: Hi-Flex, Low Insertion Force, High Insertion Force
  • 1.27mm pitch: miniaturisation to fit with pin headers of dimension 0.38 to 0.45mm
  • Many options for male and male solder tabs
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How to chose the right crimpflex female contact
Among Nicomatic Crimpflex contacts, you will find a wide range of possibilities, in term of contacts type, pitch and plating.  If you use traditional 2.54 mm pitch (0.1 inch), 3 types of contacts are available:
  • For a stable insertion force and a large number of mating, the co...
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Patent & trademark. The Crimpflex connection system complies with the most rigorous electrical & mechanical requirements. The crimping of the contacts is obtained by piercing the conductor in 6 points. This ensures excellent mechanical retention by 2 points & electric contact by 4 points with the lowest possible contact resistance.

A solder tab can be soldered or fit into I.C. sockets or wipe contacts whereas the male contact will mate with most female connectors designed to accept a 0.635mm pin headers.

3 A (Dc) in standard or 5A (Ac) whether in 1.27mm pitch or 2.54mm pitch. The 2.54mm contacts have also been successfully tested at 5.5 A (Dc) in a number of applications by our customers.

Due to the way we crimp thru the conductive layer, we get excellent results. At 3A the temperature goes up. For example with 7 contacts at 3A for 1hour 54 cable temperature goes up by 84°C if outside temperature is 30°C global temperature is over 105°C. So you need to choose carefully your cable (our cable polyester is guaranteed at 105°C, and we can provide polyimide cable that goes up to 125°C according to customer appliance).

The high insertion female contact (ref 10025) is recommended for the automotive market thanks to an excellent resistance to vibrations.

A lower number of mating cycles results from increased retention for high vibration applications. The low insertion female contact (ref. 11506) is recommended for up to 500 mating cycles when using gold plated contacts and up to 50 mating cycles for tin plated contacts. Ref 10025 is suggested for up to 10/15 cycles. Beyond, use rather 11506 part number.


Have also a look on our H-Flex female contact that groups together the properties of the above.

There is no test made directly on the parts but we passed the JEDEC JESD201 on the electrolitical bath (the process) to prevent whisker growth risk.

Yes. There is a minimum of 1.27µ of nickel underplating.

Au: 99,35 -99.55% / Ni: 0.10 - 0.15% / Carbon: 0.20 - 0.30% / Hardness 110 - 170 VPN / Density: 16.5 - 17.5 g/cm3.

The piercing part of the 1.27mm crimpflex contact is slightly higher than 2.54mm (1.2mm vs 1.1 mm) and a lot larger so it can pierce thicker subtract than 2.54mm crimp contact (1.27 crimp contacts is more robust and won't bend as the 2.54 crimp contacts) for example you can crimp 0.6mm PVC for EL.

Nicomatic 14106-x2 female contact is a multi-insertion & multi-flex contact designed to offer a
stable insertion force and low contact resistance over a large number of mating
cycles. It is more resistant to damage by bent or angled pins, primarily on test devices.

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