Crimpflex™ housings

Our CrimpFlex™ housings are made of thermoplastic filled with fibreglass classified UL94V-0. They are separated into two product ranges in 1.27mm & 2.54mm pitch and are dedicated to a use with Nicomatic contacts.
They are also compatible with our headers and most of existing market standards (0.635mm).

General features:

  • UL E 125469
  • Application scope: PCB connection, on discrete wire or flat cable, and extension cable
  • Single and double row (2-50 in 2.54mm and 4-100 in 1.27mm)
  • Locking (OJ, OL, OM, 1L, MOJ, MOJR, M4J) or detent style (OD)
  • No polarization or locking (OF, 4F, 7F10, MOF, M4F)
  • High density package in 90° (7F10)
  • Connection to male walled headers (2E, 4E)
  • Extension housings (OP, 1P)
  • Option thru holes to place the latch on the desired side of the FFC
New Crimpflex™ Guideline
The number of applications for CrimpFlex™ products has grown up significantly in recent years. CRIMPFLEX™ is a connector system dedicated to flat cables and flexible circuits where two modules are to be connected.  Widely used in membrane switches from the start, and still...
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Nicomatic CrimpFlex in Textile Applications
In order to improve the connection between textiles and interface, the need exists for an interconnect medium. Nicomatic CrimpFlex Connectors have a proven track record of providing both a reliable electrical interconnect and a secure mechanical solution.
Developed and patented by Nicomati...
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OJ and OJH new housings
NICOMATIC has launched the new 0Jxx & 0JHxx housing series that present a technical evolution from the existing 0Lxx / 0Mxx latched housings. The CRIMPFLEX™ connectors range already features a number of housings that reply to application specific requirements whether you are in a re...
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Nicomatic offers male pins & female contacts with a pitch of 2.54mm and 1.27mm, the corresponding housings, male solder tabs (standard, standard short, retention, retention short, double retention and long), flexcable jumpers (in male/male, male/female, female/female and double row configurations), FFCs (0.5, 0.8, 1, 1.25, 1.27, 2.54mm pitch), manual & pneumatic presses to crimp contacts (the Crimpflex connector system is one of the few connector systems available for flat conductor products, especially membrane switches, printed ink circuits, flexible PCBs and flat flexible cable (FFC jumper assemblies).

Yes, they are compatible with all existing standards.

With many product references, the product range of Nicomatic is one of the broadest on the market. Some housings allow polarization, other allow locking and a number offers both possibilities.
Consult our CrimPflex catalogue pages 19 to 25.

OJ and OJH housing offer an extra mechanical protection on both sides of the latch to prevent it from breaking or tearing in vibration environments. It also has an other feature with the addition of 4 chamfers for a better insertion guiding. It gives extra features comparing to OL and OM housings with the same latched function.

It is also compatible with all market standards.

OM has little holes to accept contacts on only one side of the housing.

OMH has little holes on both sides of the housing so that it can be placed with the desired position, either with latch on top or reverse.

All housings with the "H" feature offer the same flexibility of design.

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