Discrete wire to flat cable

Nicomatic interconnect solution from discrete wire to flat cable is based on 2 solutions. One is with a FFC crimped with contacts mounted in a housing in a pitch of 2.54mm on one side and a round wire (AWG 28-22) mounted in a housing on the other. Both are connected together and allow an easy replacement of bulky wire cabling parts and thus save weight. The tulip contact shape allows a compatibility with all market standard pin headers with 0.635mm.The other is a mono-housing that allows an easy thin & hybrid non-disengageable connection (AWG 26-22).

General features:

  • Easy mating from discrete wire to flat cable in a 2.54mm pitch
  • Full compatibility with CrimpFlex™
  • Housings from 2 to 12 ways for 1SM/2SL & from 1 to 20 ways for DFM
  • Weight reduction to -30% vs. round wires
  • Multi-point connection from flex to PCB
  • Recyclable & RoHS tool (P/N 14841) with instruction
  • Male and female crimp contacts provided in bulk or in reel
A PEMS technology goes for lighter & thinner components.
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CrimpFlex Discete Wire Application Notes - Latching Housings Termination
Nicomatic is manufacturing discrete wire terminated with Crimpflex, which will be used for a smoke detector product. The plenum smoke detectors will be used for monitoring HVAC units.  They are capable of monitoring smoke or combustible products within a HVAC system, and can even help in th...
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Discrete wire crimping tool
Nicomatic gives you the opportunity to make reliable connections from FFC flat cables to discrete wires. This is done thanks to the existing range of male and female connectors 1SMxx and 2SLxx (2 to 12 ways).
Male contacts 14671-xx available in tin plated version (or gold upon request) mat...
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We provide a solution from flat cable to discrete wire with the appropriate connectors. Contact us or please refer to PCB connectors catalogue (version April 2007) on page 25.

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