FFC cables

FFC cables are made with conductive copper laminated between 2 layers of polyester, with thermic adhesive increasing life expectancy.

From 0.5 to 2.54 mm pitch, Nicomatic offers a wide range of cables for board to board environment. FFC are soldered directly or mated with ZIF/LIF standard connectors. 

  • Standard UL solutions from -55° to +105°C
  • Wide range & specific arrangements
  • From 2 to 250 ways according to cable type
  • Gold FFC
  • Shielded FFC
  • Specific options: video cables, variable pitch, bending, laser cut, other materials… 


Finding Your Perfect Mate
Nicomatics FFC Jumper Cables are the preferred choice for major appliance manufacturers.  We offer Jumper Cables in two market standard pitches; 1.27 mm & 2.54 mm pitch. The best contact resistance 
together with a high mechanical force are a guarantee for a higher reliabilit...
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Shielding protection becomes a critical issue
Shielding protection becomes a critical issue to secure data transmission, reliability of signal and avoid failures and non-quality costs.   As the quantity and speed of data are increasing, environments are getting noisier, bringing a challenge for signal integrity in many industries su...
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FFC Application Notes - 10 Meter Long Cables
An engineering and manufacturing solutions company is using lengthy version of 0.5 mm pitch FFC.  This particular version of FFC is being used inside ATMs.  The engineering firm is dedicated to providing low-cost, yet high-quality designs to OEMs.  As a result, our high-quality fl...
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FFC Application Note - Shielded FFC With Drainwire
Nicomatic has created a new value-added option for shielded FFC called the Drainwire.  The Drainwire is used for better grounding isolation. The new option has been manufactured for a company that sells medical refrigerators.  It will be used in touch screen for blood bank refrigerator...
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How to choose your FFC Connector or End preparation
Nicomatic Flat Flexible Cables (FFC) solutions offer termination or end preparation using  Nicomatic CrimpFlex Contacts/Connectors; ZIF or LIF ends to connector manufacturer specifications, bared conductors for soldering direct to pcbs, mounted with smd connectors with overmolds or mixed so...
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How to solve cable delamination
One of the most common problems with flat flexible cables exposed to humidity is delamination  The cables manufactured with standard adhesive can absorbe moisture with time  The main reason is that polyester and adhesive are porous. With humidity, the cable can absorbe moisture. ...
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Variable Pitch FFC- Solutions When Others Say No
With the wide variety of uses for FFC Cables in the automotive, aerospace, consumer electronic, medical device and lighting industries, it is not surprising that sometimes FFC options can be limiting. Before frustration ensues check out Nicomatic FFC Cables. Nicomatic offers a wide range of vari...
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When to go for the gold
Today’s high performance applications demand more signal integrity, reliability and long-term durability than ever from FFC & mating connectors. While tin connections may remain attractive from a cost standpoint and for some applications, more of Nicomatic customers are opting for t...
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Nicomatic FFC Life Cycles
Nicomatic’s Flat Flexible Cable is designed for high actuation life even at elevated operating temperatures.  Most industry flex life testing is conducted at room temperature, while many applications require high actuation life under elevated operating temperatures, such as in printer...
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Durable anti corrosion Gold FFC
Nicomatic’s Flat Flexible Cable (FFC) consists of tin or bare copper conductors laminated between polyester films with a thermal adhesive for durability. With pitch densities down to 0.50 mm and capable of millions of cycles in high flexing environments, FFC cables are used in a wide va...
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SMD Component Placement on Flat Flexible Cable
Nicomatic Flat Flex Cables are made with tin plate over copper conductors which make it ideal for direct soldering of components to these conductors. Our FFC are offered from 0.5mm through 2.54mmm pitch, in conductor counts, lengths and end preparations to your choosing. Exposing the conductors ...
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Shielded FFC cable
Nicomatic now offers FFC cable with an Aluminum foil shield that provides protection against EMI/RFI.  These cables are available in all pitches from 0.5 mm and higher, in almost any length and number of conductors.  While Nicomatic recommends a shield that is grounded 360 degrees, ext...
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Cable Assemblies: RJ45 Connectors with FFC
Nicomatic provides unique solutions using standard Flat Flexible Cables and RJ45 Connectors. These assemblies are perfect for difficult installations where space is tight and a positive locking RJ45 fulfills the need for a quick off the shelf insertion/extraction.
Our FFC Cable Assemblies ...
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Shielded FFC Cable Aluminum Shield provides EMI RFI protection
Nicomatic offers FFC cables with an Aluminum foil shield that provides protection against EMI/RFI. These cables are available in all pitches from 0.5 mm and higher, in almost any length and number of conductors. While Nicomatic recommends a shield that is grounded 360 degrees, externally on both...
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Video display cables option
Nicomatic Video Display Cables are built with Hirose DF9 connector, soldered and molded to 0.5mm Video display cables pitch laminated flat flexible cable and is typically used in applications for board to flat panel display interconnects. This cable utilizes Nicomatic’s ability to apply th...
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P3 cables are used for mating to ZIF sockets and P7 are for soldering to a PCB.

0.5 / 1 / 1.25 / 1.27 / 2.54mm pitches are available.


From 0.5mm for space saving to 2.54mm, a large variety of pitches is available to suit your needs.

Our FFCs are made up of tin plated copper conductors laminated between polyester films with a thermal adhesive for durability.

They are manufactured in-house.

It is possible to adapt the pitch you need upon request.

There are two main possibilities for the types of shieldings:


- internal ground: recommended for long distance cable to shield

- external ground: for the outer shield connection to PCB


A floating version with no ground is possible without any change in the CB design. Refer to our catalogue page 23.

No galvanic corrosion

Whisker free

Salt spray resistance

High performance w/ gold connectors

High actuation life even at elevated temperatures

Nicomatic recommends gold to gold connection to ensure optimal performance.

FFCs are with 0.10µm of gold in exposed areas.

We offer wide customization choices:

- Laser & die cutting

- bends & creasing

- black polyimide materials

- variable pitch

- SMD placements with connections

- video cables

- flexcoil, bulk supply etc.


Our FFCs are used in a wide variety of electronic applications as board to board interconnections: for example in

- Industry & robotics

- Medical

- Security

Yes. You can choose a polyimide substrate working up to +125°C in standard.

The other standard possibility is polyester working up to 105°C.

If you have a need to go above 125°C, please consult us.


P3 style: 2 reinforcements at both ends on same side

P5 style: 2 reinforcements at both ends on the opposite side

P7 style: no reinforcement or stripping at neither ends

P8 style: reinforcements on both sides at the edge

Other styles are also available such as PA style. Contact us.

0.50mm: 0.035mm x 0.28mm

1.00mm: 0.076mm x 0.66mm

1.25/1.27mm: 0.076mm x 0.80mm

2.54mm: 0.076mm x 1.57mm

0.50: 0.035mm x 0.28mm

1.00: 0.076mm x 0.66mm

1.25/1.27: 0.076mm x 0.80mm

2.54: 0.076mm x 1.57mm

Have a look on our comparative chart displayed in the FFC catalogue (pages 22-23 - June 2014 version).

Our standard part numbering available online supports is a 2-digit system, so we can build from 2 to 99 conductors.

However, the manufacturing process allows us without problem to configurate from 1 to 250 conductors. Consult us for your bigger & more dense solutions.

The minimum is 0015mm, and our part numbering stops at 9999mm, but we can provide much longer FFCs without problem.

Continous lengths are available. Consult us.

Depending on your choice INT1 or INT2:

INT1: ground to pin 1 and pin NN on one end (ground is achieved to first and last conductor on one end only)

INT2: ground to pin 1 & pin NN on both ends (ground is achieved to first and last conductor on both ends)

Consult our catalogue pages 20 to 23.

0 = once

25mm = 10 million cycles

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