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Microflex Hi-Rel Flexible Harnesses

Nicomatic creates a Lighter, high-performance alternative to round cables and the perfect complement to compact, lightweight CMM 220 connectors.   Nicomatic’s Microflex™ cable accessories offer customers a robust and reliable alternative to heavier, bulkier round cables when using Nicomatic CMM 220-series connectors.  The Microflex™ Crimpflex cable assemblies are comprised of a two row flat-flex cables with a 2.0 millimeter pitch.  The cables are crimped with selective high gold plated female contacts (Female-Female version) on both ends or carry solder pins (Female-Male Solder pin version) on one end.  They are then connected to a Nicomatic CMM 220 series connector on both ends or on just one end, using hardware selected from large variety of fixings, with the other soldered to a PCB.   When paired with the compact Nicomatic CMM 220-series connector, designers achieve reductions in size and weight of up to 60%, improved flexibility and desired vibration resistance according to MIL-DTL-55302F standard and life expectancy of up to 10 million flex cycles with polyester or polyimide cable.  This performance level reduces or entirely eliminates maintenance, repair and replacement costs.   An optional Octopus allows two to ten cables at different lengths to be mated to a single CMM connector. For example, from a 60-pin configuration on one end, you can use up to ten 4-conductor flex assemblies (underneath example with 5). This alleviates design challenges and creates new design possibilities previously limited by the size, the rigidity and weight of round cables.   Microflex™ is ideal for applications where not only size and weight are an issue, such as aviation and medical imaging and sensors industries, but also where precision performance is a must, such as UAV telemetry, instrumentation and robotics.  Other applications include in-flight entertainment systems, weapons systems, electric vehicle batteries, generator controls.   With smaller, lighter, higher performance, more design flexibility, and optional Octopus for up to ten connections, Microflex™ Hi-Rel Flexible Harnesses with CMM 220 series connectors are the right combination.   Connect with us! Contact your Local Sales Support for more Details, FREE Samples, Literature and/or Technical Support.