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8-Series OMM Micro-Circular Connector

OMM Micro Circular Connector is especially aimed at applications in small spaces such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), UVS, missiles, surveillance cameras, robotics and handheld remote controls. It allows a high density of contacts in a minimum space and is available today in 8 position housing sizes with either pre-wired, SMT or straight tail signal terminations.

With a total mated length of 7,8mm in PCB to PCB (12,6mm in PCB to wire) and an outer diameter of 11mm, OMM connectors withstand temperature variations from -60 to +260 degrees Celsius, have gold-plated contacts (3A) hooked in NICOMATIC housing to make them capable of up to 2,500 mating cycles. The solution is based on the same level of reliability as the CMM series micro connectors under MIL-DTL-55302F. Thanks to its high temperature insulator special PPS and thanks to its 1 captive fixing screw, OMM is extremely light which makes it easy to use in handheld and flying equipments where each gram has its meaning. Its captive screw facilitates the interconnection making it simple, more comfortable for the user and secure (you do not screw at the same time as you interconnect).

In comparison to MIL-83513 connectors or similar metal connectors even in nano size, OMM micro circular connectors offer a new alternative for anyone wanting to save space, reduce the total mating dimension for the male to female halves and increase the quality of contact by allowing higher amperage.