NICOMATIC was already in the short list of the EN9100 qualified companies. Present in high value technology markets such as avionics, space, defense, railway and medical, the first issue for Nicomatic is to design, manufacture and deliver a quality product with the main objective being customer satisfaction.


On highly competitive markets Nicomatic has always placed quality in the first place as a key success factor for his product developments. The company which already had an ISO 9001:2000+2003 (à enlever car la version 2003 n'a jamais existée pour l'ISO) certificate since 1999, has also renewed it with success to the latest version ISO EN 9001:2009.


It is in November 2009, that the certifying company Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance LRQA had recommended Nicomatic for the first time for ISO EN9100:2009 certificate. This certificate is a good referential to the avionics and space activities. Indeed, the aerospace industry is clustered inside the IAQG (International Aerospace Quality Group) and has for many years worked on the harmonization of the worldwide suppliers in this field.


As a reminder, Nicomatic had succeeded in obtaining the maximum mark of 100/100 which was and still is very rare and uncommon for a first evaluation.


In the new version EN9100:2016, the norm also comprises the defense sector which also is a natural evolution given the standards that apply and natural for Nicomatic that is firmly working with prestigious defense companies worldwide.

The company is since 2009 a member of the OASIS (Online Aerospace Supplier Information System) and counts among the very few connector companies that benefit from the norm.