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How to preserve a long life and quality to your connectors

A wide range of lock fixing hardware are available for all plastic connectors CMM and metal shell DMM 

They maintain the connectors locked in severe conditions such as shocks, vibrations... 

To allow full functionality and a long life cycle of your connectors, make sure you follow the recommended steps for mating and unmating: 

  • align both connectors and start to engage the two parts together slowly
  • screw the jackscrew on one side, maximum 0.5 turn
  • screw the other side, same way 
  • continue to alternate until the connectors have bottomed smoothly
  • finish to screw with a dynanometric screwdriver set with the recommended torque force (0.2Nm for CMM, 0.3Nm for DMM)

To disengage the connectors, repeat the instructions in reverse