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Telecom-Datacom applications

Telecom-Datacom applications

Nicomatic is more and more present in this sector, where signal integrity plays an important role.


The telecom/datacom market sector includes enterprise and wireline network equipments, wireless networks, subscriber equipments, and cable/multiservice operator equipments, antennas and radars, amplificators, etc. The driving force in this market is the explosion in the volume of online traffic over the last 10 years. This growth has been driven by an increasingly connected worldwide population and the dramatic decrease in the cost of PCs and other Internet access devices, such as tablets and smartphones.


Although this equipment utilizes a broad spectrum of connector and cable assemblies types, PCB connectors, I/O connectors, RF, telecom and fiber optic connectors tend to dominate this sector. Most of Nicomatic products applicable to telecom/datacom comprise custom made solutions, DMM Micro-D Mix connectors & CMM micro-connectors, Our applications include telecom infrastructures such as solar stations, telecom equipments and sub-systems, and remote communication systems.