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High performance micro-connectors

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What is Microflex?

It is a hi-rel flexible connection system used in MIL-AERO applications mainly. NICOMATIC provides an alternative to classic round cables - 2mm pitch - 2 rows, from 04 to 60 signal contacts - Board to board, board to cable, cable to cable versions - 3A contacts

What is the thickness of nickel and gold plating for CMM322YL and 321YL connectors?

Contact area is copper alloy/ Ni (2µ) + Au 1µ
Contact tail is copper alloy / Ni (2µ) + Au flash 0.1µ
Body is copper Alloy / Ni 2 µ+ Au 0.2 µ
Socket boby is Beryllium Alloy / Ni 2 µ + Au 1.25 µ

Nickel 2µ is used as a barrier against migration of Au. If you put Au directly on copper that would lead to gold pollution and then to oxidation, so there will be a very bad contact resistance.

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