Variable Pitch FFC- Solutions When Others Say No

With the wide variety of uses for FFC Cables in the automotive, aerospace, consumer electronic, medical device and lighting industries, it is not surprising that sometimes FFC options can be limiting. Before frustration ensues check out Nicomatic FFC Cables. Nicomatic offers a wide range of variable conductor sizes, as well as several choices for pitch and plating options thus allowing our FFC products to meet the needs of your project.

Due to Nicomatic’s relationship with copper suppliers, we are able to offer a diverse assortment of conductor sizes for FFC. Nicomatic offers standard conductor sizes such as 0.0014 x 0.011”(0.035 x 0.28 mm), 0.003 x 0.026” (0.076 x 0.66 mm), 0.003 x

0.0315”( 0.076 x 0.80 mm) and 0.003 x 0.062” (0.076 x 1.57 mm) in addition to custom sizes such as 0.005 x 0.062”, 0.003 x 0.750”, and 0.003x 1.000”. In fact, 0.75” and 1.000” wide copper can be laminated Nicomatic and are commonly not carried by suppliers. Nicomatic can also mix and match different conductor widths within the same cables. Additional sizes not listed are also plausible and may be available upon request.

Customers also have ability to select different pitches and plating options for FFC products. Pitches consist of 0.50 mm, 1.00 mm, 1.25 mm, 1.27 mm, and 2.54 mm can also be variable within the same cables. Conductors can be offered in bare copper, or plated (typically tin or gold but others available).Therefore, product can be truly customized for your projects needs; allowing for a better fit, low resistance and overall improved performance. Quality of Nicomatic FFC is also impressive, as it is tested to the highest quality standards in the FFC industry. The flexible and lightweight lamination allows for it to perform in various environments without fear of electrical failure.


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