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DMM Backshell EMI protection

The multiplication of data in electronic systems could have disastrous results if the impact of the cross-talk were not anticipated. Under an electromagnetic perturbation (EMI, RFI or EMP), the cable’s conductor acts as an antenna and picks up the radiated signals. The reception of this interference surely impacts the initial signal integrity. 

Nowadays, the data rate is exponentially increasing and high-speed protocols are omnipresent. Proper shielding appears as a key part of the design. The most efficient shielding method is to enclose the cable in a metal braid, which is then grounded to one or both ends of the cable thanks to the network nodes: The connectors and backshells.
The backshell, as a rear part of NICOMATIC connector DMM MIL-DTL-83513G, is used to secure the cable and to avoid stresses on the soldered/crimped part of the contact. It also shields against electrical interference (EMI/RFI protection) with Transfer Impedance (Zt) under 200 mOhm from 10 KHz to 400 MHz. Made of Aluminium 6061 with a chemical nickel finish, it protects from mechanical damage.

Back chimneys are designed in the shape of an ellipse, fully compatible with a Band-it type system. Bands and clamping hand tools are available on our website. Openings allow to fasten the wires with a Serflex system and also to ground the shielding of twisted pair cable. There are 2 available designs of our backshells, split and mono.

The split backshell is fully compatible with all Nicomatic DMM connectors and is designed as a two-piece shell. Fixing hardware is mounted on the connector, and the locking of the two parts of the shell does not interfere with the harness, which was made independently in a previous stage. It results in easy and quick assembly.
Mono backshell is fully compatible with all Nicomatic DMM connectors. Lighter, smaller and cheaper, it is a smart and cost-effective solution for the series stage. Fixings are captive and integrated into the backshell.


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