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Our products are subject to regulations in terms of exports or concerning their impact on the environment.

At Nicomatic, we take into account these norms because of the sector in which we work and the international scope of our company.

If you need more information, don't hesitate to get in touch with us via your privileged interlocutor or by clicking the link below.

Product regulation

Environmental product regulations

Nicomatic is concerned about conforming to international, supranational, national and local environmental regulations and substance management.

REACh-SVHCs, RoHS, TSCA, Calprop65, PFASs, PoPs, ODS are examples of regulations on which we can enlighten you concerning our products.

Environmental regulation

Product exportation regulations

With several entities worldwide, Nicomatic is conscious of the issues regarding exportations with regulations about ITAR, EAR, ECCN, Dual-Use, BAFA and Conflict Minerals via CMRT and EMRT tools.

Exportation regulation