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Helicopter hoisting rescue

What if we told you that our EMM connector participated in helicopter hoisting rescue missions?

EMM connector mounted on PCB

Fabricating helicopter hoists, our client needed light and small-sized components. Indeed, in that kind of onboard equipment, each millimeter, each gram counts. Moreover, every element that constitutes it must be exceptionally reliable and resistant because rescuers and injured people's lives depend directly on the hoist.

For a long time, Nicomatic has specialized in micro-connectors designed for harsh environments. Creating reliable components intended for very delicate applications is in the company's DNA. 

The optimal solution

We had the perfect solution for our customer: the EMM. Its 1.27mm pitch achieves 20% space reduction compared to standard Micro-D. It was the choice connector to integrate this complex system that could only be equipped with reduced-size components.

Additionally, meeting the requirements of MIL 83513, the connector guarantees excellent reliability, which was a necessary condition for the context in which the hoist would be used.

EMM 4 contacts

It is your turn!

Are you looking for a micro-connector to integrate a compact system? Check out the EMM page to discover all its technical specifications.

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