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DMM connector fixing mate before lock
Sometimes it is crucial to rapidly and safely mate a connector. Nicomatic designed the D53C, a "mate-before-lock" fixing hardware for its MIL-SPEC DMM rugged 2mm pitch metal connectors, which provides several benefits.


Let's focus on Nicomatic DMM connectors

Nicomatic DMM connectors offer space-saving and protection from electromagnetic and mechanical damage. Moreover, they comply with MIL-DTL-83513G performance standards and offer a broader scope of modularity compared to other MIL-SPEC connectors, including Micro-D or Sub-D.

DMM Fixed


Customization options

Engineers can customize the connectors at their discretion: pin count, pin contact type, and mounting style. In this context, the D53C fixing hardware is particularly interesting because it adapts to every Nicomatic DMM connector.

Benefits of the "mate-before-lock" mechanism

D53C fixing hardware

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Reducing risks of damage

 Firstly, thanks to this system, we can reduce the risks of damage because we mate each part of the connector before locking them.

Captive screw solution

Secondly, the fixing hardware is a captive screw solution, meaning that they can't be detached and lost, preventing FOD that could harm the equipment.

Ergonomic advantage

Thirdly, the "mate-before-lock" system offers an ergonomic advantage to users who will do the mating and unmating more easily and rapidly.

Practical applications in the field

In the field, this system can be very useful, for example, in the cases of UAVs. Technicians and operators may have to change battery packs or payloads quickly. With this solution, they will be able to do so, avoiding damage to their material.

Suitability for electronic products

The "mate-before-lock" system is also suitable for users working with electronic products such as daisy chains because they must mate and unmate connectors several times. They can do so while saving time and gaining great comfort.

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