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mate-before-lock fixing hardware

Ensuring rock-solid connections capable of withstanding extreme vibration conditions is fundamental in aerospace applications.

Introducing the D53C fixing for DMM connectors, a "mate-before-lock" type of fixing hardware recently launched by Nicomatic. Its design not only ensures quick and secured mating but also prevents contact damage. Being captive, the D53C eliminates the risk of lost screws, making it an ideal choice for aerospace applications.

Secure Mating and Contact Protection: 
The D53C fixing employs a mate-before-lock approach, guaranteeing that the connector is securely placed before the screw is tightened. This step-by-step process ensures precise alignment and prevents any potential damage to the delicate connector contacts. By eliminating the risk of misalignment during the locking process, the D53C fixing significantly enhances the reliability and durability of the electrical connections.

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 Captive and Loss Prevention: One notable advantage of the D53C fixing is its captive nature. Even when unscrewed, the fixing remains attached to the connector, making it impossible to lose. This feature is invaluable in aerospace environments, where a lost screw can lead to severe consequences, such as equipment damage or even critical system failure. The D53C fixing provides peace of mind by eliminating the possibility of misplaced or missing screws, ensuring the integrity of the equipment. 

Ease of Repair and Compatibility: Repairability is crucial in aerospace applications. The D53C fixing excels in this aspect, allowing for easy disassembly and reassembly of connectors. The captive nature of the fixing simplifies the repair process, as there is no risk of losing essential components. Additionally, it saves valuable time, especially in the aerospace industry, where every minute of repair matters and represents a significant cost

Ideal for Aerospace Vibration Conditions: Aerospace equipment operates in extreme vibration conditions, posing a significant challenge to connector reliability. The D53C fixing is specifically designed to excel in such environments. Its secure mating process and captive design ensure the connections remain intact, even under intense vibrations. By eliminating the possibility of loose connections, the D53C fixing enhances aerospace electronic equipment's overall performance and longevity.

Try it now by downloading your 3D. Pick the “D53C” option when configuring your DMM connector. The D53C fixing is compatible with all DMM connectors, making it adaptable to the existing designs.

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