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Responsability & Exportation

Since 1976, Nicomatic has been designing, manufacturing, and distributing interconnect solutions to international customers. This global dimension imposes a duty of vigilance and responsibility toward ethics and compliance with international regulations.

Our products are marketed through a global network of qualified distributors and used by a multitude of international clients who, in turn, resell their own solutions. Despite our precautions, this does not provide us visibility on the final use of these products. Thus, it is possible that some of our connectors may have been used in unknown applications, independent of our will and beyond our control.

We rigorously follow international guidelines, including export bans, to ensure that our business activities are conducted responsibly. We specify that applicable restrictions are communicated to the entire Nicomatic group and its subsidiaries.

Furthermore, we maintain regular relations with the competent local authorities and we do not hesitate to consult them in case of doubt about the activity of a partner.

Finally, remaining firmly committed to the values of integrity and responsibility, we pledge to continue respecting existing legislation regarding the export of electronic components and to contribute to its evolution if necessary.

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