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Connector for space application

Our client, a high-tech company,  develops innovative technologies that support the presence of humans in space and that have applications in extreme environments on Earth.

We are pleased to share with you their feedback concering the use of the DMM connectors.

"From the various projects designed by us and experience with a range of different connectors, the Nicomatic DMM-series was chosen due to its small form-factor, metallic shell, backshell (band adapter) availability now integrated for a minimum length of the final cable assembly. High current capability of the pins, and modularity with the mixing of high power pins for specific applications all available for crimping.

The Nicomatic DMM-series has been used primarily to solve the challenges related to internal cabling to/from PCBs, the various sensors and parts within the systems and between internal boxes. The racked mounting capabilities occasionality saves the design and work for an internal cable mounting the boards/connectors straight through a metallic enclosure, thus saving the two-step PCB-to-enclosure, enclosure-to-external box alternative. We also make use of the DMM for solving box-to-box, blind-mate connection tasks making it easier for our products to maintain modularity."

 The introduction of Nicomatic DMM connectors is fairly new into the customer application which is scheduled for launch beginning of May 2023.

Example of a Nicomatic DMM used as box-to-box solution.  Example of Nicomatic PCB Connectors in use.  Example of use of the new DMMs with integrated backshell.

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