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Highlights 2023

Innovation and agility are part of our DNA. This is why 2023 was a year rich in changes and adventures.

First, Nicomatic expanded globally with the opening of three new subsidiaries in Australia, Poland, and Israel. Then, we sailed across the Atlantic with Caroline Boule for the Mini-Transat 2023, and participated in the JUICE program, contributing to the Jupiter mission for more than 7 years!

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We also broadened our expertise with the creation of the Nicomatic Group, which includes the Nicomatic entity and the Oxytronic and Accurate companies, specializing in electronics and consulting, respectively.

We decided to offer new services such as lab tests, smarTrack blockchain solutions, and engineering consulting.

From a technical standpoint, we are proud to announce that our DMM and CMM connectors were awarded the label “As Used by the French Armed Forces”. Moreover, in our quest to always be at the cutting-edge in our domain, we worked on fiber optics and BGA-technology connectors with the VITA 66.4 and the Matr’YX.

As we are deeply committed to human well-being, we are pleased to carry the “Family-Friendly Company” label, which aims to simplify the lives of our partners by helping them balance their jobs with parenthood.

The Nicomatic team also grew with the arrival of a hundred new recruits.

Finally, be aware that a Nicomatic E-sports team has been formed and is ready to take on challenges!

To conclude, in 2023, we celebrated the 80th birthday of Paul Nicollin, the founder of Nicomatic.

As 2024 is just beginning, stay tuned for more!

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